Jury In Process

How to establish exhibiting member status


The next Jurying in Date is Saturday, September 23, 2017

Registration Deadline: September 19, 2017

Download 2017 Jurying In Process Form Here

To become an exhibiting member, please pre-register by filling out the Jurying In Process form by the deadline date listed.

Send the completed form to Catherine Peterson Fuller (Vice President and our Jurying in chairman).

P.O. Box 21086
Charleston, SC 29413

Cathy will email or snail mail the signed pre-registered forms back to you for the next jurying in date.

All artists and photographers will drop off their artwork at 9:00am at the Gallery.

160 East Bay Street
Charleston, SC 29401

The Jurying In Process form lists the particulars of what format and number of entries to which the art or photographs must adhere to. You must be a member of the Guild, in good standing, and you must have attended one general members’ meetings (which occur each 2nd Tuesday of the month, Oct – May)

Once juried in, an artist or photographer can ask to be placed on the waiting list to become an exhibiting artist of the Gallery.  Heart Bernados is our current Gallery Director, and may be contacted by email at heartbernados12@gmail.com. Upon this request, the artist or photographer will be sent by email waiting list forms, which will include a “Code of Conduct” form and a “Waiting List” form, which must be signed and returned to:

Heart Bernados by email, or to the CAG PO Box.

P.O. Box 21086
Charleston, SC 29413

This package will also contain a contract which is included for reference and will not have to be signed or returned until you are admitted into the Gallery.  The contract lists the wall space increments and prices, which is paid on a trimester basis in order to be an exhibiting gallery artist

Once you have an “Exhibiting” status, you may also enter one of our many CAG sponsored shows, including the Members’ Exhibition Show in January/ February, and the Signature Exhibition Show in March/April.

Dues must be current and not lapse in order to remain and not loose your “Exhibiting” membership status.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text Cathy Fuller at 843-452-0444.