Proposed Board Members 2017-2018

List of proposed Board members:

Please come to the members meeting on Tuesday, April 11th to elect this years board members

April’s Monthly Meeting 2017

Rosie Phillips, President
Ron Gibb, Past President
Cathy Peterson Fuller, Vice President
Elliott B. West, Secretary
Linda Weber, Treasurer

Debbie Daniels, Director of Advertising and Marketing
Faye Sullivan and Susanne Frenzel, Directors of Artistic Growth
Director of Community Outreach
Carmen Osborn, Director of Development
Lee Garrard, Director of Exhibitions
Heart Bernados,Director of the Gallery
Jan Kelley, Director of Hospitality
Flo Ulrich, Director of Membership
Karen Healey, Newsletter Editor
Amelia Spade, Director of Programs
Lori Jill DiBiase, Website
Mercedes Da Silva, Director of Workshops
Steve Jacobs, Business Manager