Pattison’s Academy Summer Art Camp

Pattison’s Academy (PACE) is located at 2014 Bees Ferry Road, West Ashley. They serve children of our community that are severely disabled, or with multiple disabilities, and some are terminally ill. They are an amazing group with an amazing mission.

Volunteers of the Guild were busy this summer helping with the Pattison’s Academy Summer Camp. Charleston Artist Guild members and friends conducted two sessions with the children, and we had the most volunteers of any previous year. What enthusiasm and joy we experienced as we watched the sincere fun and enjoyment each child experienced



We supplied a pillow top of brightly colorful canvas type fabric. Each artist helped a child paint their favorite subject on the pillow top. Some were able to paint by themselves, while others needed hand over hand assistance. We worked one-on-one with each child. Using acrylic paints, we painted simple subjects like balloons, turtles, dogs, fish, hearts, flowers, snakes, soccer balls, or whatever delighted the child. The finishing touch was to help the child sign the piece with their name and add ‘fringe’ to the pillow top. Usually, the child’s finger prints formed the ‘fringe’ for the pillows. Once the pillow tops dried, some of our artists with sewing abilities made them into pillows using colorfully coordinated designer fabrics that were donated by Aubergine Outlet (located at Kiawah).

Our next event took place when we delivered the finished pillows to them. Each child had their treasured pillow to keep, or give to their proud parents or exuberant grandparents. Everyone just loved them! Many commented that it was there favorite camp craft.

We also completed a project involving painting with acrylics on art canvas boards that were donated by Beads and Pallets of Mount Pleasant. Again, our artists painted one on one with the children. We displayed them on small easels that were donated by Deb Gage. We took photos of the children’s art work and are having them made into greeting cards that will also be donated to Pattison’s for fundraising activities.

CAG donations will be used to do the printing. The cards will be featured at Pattison’s fund raising events and hopefully will be for sale at our guild gallery with 100% of the sales being donated to Pattison’s.

Your guild is all about helping these children have art experiences in their lives. This is one of the main reasons we qualify to be a 501C non-profit organization. It is very costly to educate and provide therapy for these children and anything we can do to help them is appreciated.

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